Friday, August 20, 2010

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Everyday is a new brick in our lifes...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

New ideas

Hello you guys, I love summer and summer ideas as well. I adore to change and to try new things everyday. New colours, new trends and new outfits ideas.

My friend Carl is dropping this huge party on a yacht, I know, big deal. I love him, he'a a very close friend and of course I wanna be the prettiest girl of the party lol.

Talking about changes and how much I love them, I saw this ideas of the same dress, one in red and the other one in pink. I like them a lot!, they are sexy, hot, girly and perfect for a luxury yacht partay.

Im not very sure about the colour I wanna wear, the party is in 2 weeks and I wanna be ready as soon as posible so nothing goes wrong. Im in love with this dress, it screams SEXYYYY out loud.

I would love it if you could help me choose the colour.!

Dont you just love them?


Saturday, July 17, 2010


Alright, with the pool, the sun, the sand and of course, the ocean, our hair tends to get horrible during summer time. I love these messy hair up dos which I believe are the bomb for holidays. Wear them like Jessica, Vanessa or Lauren. They are sexy, easy to do, classy, young and fresh!


Friday, July 2, 2010

6 High Heel Sandals

Ok.. so, on my old post I talked about swimwear, but... what about sandals!, they are a most have. Here I have some beautiful choices for the ones who rather High Heels!, I adore high heels so here are my 6 favorites. It works the same way as my old post.. the first sandal down here is # 6 and the last one is # 1 lol.
6. These super stiletto sexy sandals are perfect for a hot summer night. You could totally make a fashion statement with these summer footwear. Designed by Charles Jourdan.
5. Whether you prefer dress or casual styles, Ankle Strap Sandals like these ones are fabulous. Love them. Designed by Charles Jourdan.
4. Calvin Klein gives us these amazing Sexy Plataform sandals which are ideal with skirts or dresses, sandals like these demand attention.
3. Alright!, these totally sexy Chunky Heel Sandals designed by Pelle Moda are unbelievable!, I know, they keep me speachless.
2. Pink and summer colours! if that's what you're asking for, here they are!, these super playful sandals are designed by Chinese Laundry and are perfect for those sunny days at the beach!.
1. Nothing's hotter than a pair of Sexy White Sandals!!. Fabulous, girly, cute, stuning.. omg I love them!. These sandals are the right ones for a sun kissed tanned skin.. so it gives you a whole Hot Summer Look. Designed by Guess.

Let me know what you think about these Sexy 6 High Heel Sandals!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hot Summer Looks! -TOP 10-

Hey guys!, Summer is here and you know is one of the best times of the year. LOVE this season. We all wanna look hot and sun kissed, but.. have you bought the hottest bikini yet? Alright.. don't worry too much if you hadn't. I made up this awesome TOP 1O of the best swimwear just for you. Ok so, the rate begins from number 1O to number 1. The first bikini you see down here is gonna be # 1O and the last one is the first one (just explaining you how it works lol)

1O. This beautiful Victorias Secret Bikini is in # 1O. The color is perfect for a tanned girl or a not too tanned, it is pretty girly and I adore its shape.

9. Just perfect for those super hot summer days at the beach. The bright red wave fabric with an intense black gingham bikini, gives you a moderate coverage that Im sure you're gonna love. This beautiful bikini is from SAHA.

8. This stuning classic silhouette is the perfect swimsuit for a romantic or just fun walk at the beach. The color seems elegant but joyful at the same time. Made in Brazil, by Lenny.

7. Say hello to textures and femenine touches!. Maaji 2O1O collection brings us this beautiful piece of art, the colours remind me of India, I dkw, but I really like this unique bikini, I bet you like it too eh!

6. Gimme some pink!!, wow this colour is just unbelieveable, and what about the yellow print?? Um, love it!. Live Out Loud with this bright powerful bikini. Perfect for a Pool Party or a fun day at the beach with friends. Made by SAHA

5. Look no further for your eyecatching two piece. Playful, cute, provocative and femenine, that's all this maritimum gray bikini is all about. Adore this swimsuit. Made by Maaji.

4. Also, in # 4 we can find this spectacular brand, Maaji, with this criss cross bikini. Be ready to show off your unique style wearing this cute and girly summer look!

3. Baaam! look at this asymmetrical bikini. New shapes is one of the 2O1O summer swimsuits rules! lol. Love the color, this kind of green is amazing and goes very well with a tanned skin. Made by SAHA

2. Oh My God, I know, that's what I said when I first saw this fabulous cut one piece from Maaji (lol, can't you tell I love the brand). I believe it has all a girl can ask for, just look at those colours, prints, textures and style!. Totally love it.

1. I know I know, UNBELIEVABLE!!. Maaji mixes bright yellow, classic paisley and modern stripes for a one of a kind summer look. Alright, for me, yellow is the official summer colour and here it is! with the perfect touches that gives you the # 1 HOT SUMMER LOOK. It is just perfect! I love it!.

I would love to know what you think about this top1O summer looks. Post a comment!.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Im hungry!

Have you ever felt like that dinner or that lunch was too expensive? How do you feel when you buy a 4 dollar bottle of water? What about lobster?? I know.. you always thought "man!, Is only food, not gold or anything like that!" Well.. some of the meals that Im gonna show you.. are ridiculous! and their prices.. OUT OF THIS WORLD

Here in the picture you can see the world's most expensive ice cream dish: The $1.000 Golden Opulence Sundae from the New York city restaurant Serendipity.

In my personal opinion, I dont care to confirm: RIDICULOUS!!!!, I would never ever pay this much money for an ice cream like thins one.. I know.. it has a 23K gold leaf what wtf!, I could by many other things with $1,000.

Believe it or not, Serendipity actually sells one of this crazy ice creams per month!!. lucky lucky people are the ones who can afford this.. but still.. do you think it is an smart bought?? NOT

Alright now, here you can see the world's most expensive chocolate!, it comes from Cadbury (they make really realy really good chocolates which I love lol) and is wraped in a paper made out of pure gold.

You are not gonna believe it, but it is more expensive than the ice cream up here!... It costs $1,628!!!. Ok.. Im a big chocolate fan but no no no no this just blows me away!

The most expensive water bottle is here!!, check out this precious bottle encrusted with 6,500 Swarovski Crystals.

It looks good right? and tastes.... hmmm like plain water!!! seriously.. IT IS JUST WATER!!! the price? $2,576.

OMG! the world is insanely crazyy!! who the f**k could buy that!!

Well.. I hope you liked it!

Love, Gossip.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


You may think communication media is invading us and making us believe in a perfect body figure and image. You might be right, but hey!, last night I was surffing on the web and I found out these pictures from Mariah Carey and Heidi Montag. THEY LOOK AWFUL!!, check them out.
Alright, so let me start with Heidi, I think she gets me speechless!! look at her face! she got 10 plastic surgeries in just one day.. unbelievable. GROSS

Now, Mariah, if you think about her old videos like touch my body or we belong together.. I bet you dont see images like these ones!.. she's getting fat.. ok. I gotta admit the one in the white dress is kind of old.. but the one in the red dress is from this year!! like. last month!
Tell me what you think

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The worst decision ever! + BACHELORETTE PARTY!

Alright, so in my last post I was so focus on myself that I forgot to tell you about my friend's Bachelorette party. Is unbelievable how time passes by.. she's only 23 and she's already gettin married!, but anyway.. she's happy and that's what matters the most. She's one of my closes friends and her party is going to be the next weekend after spring break (she's gettin married on april the 20th) too early!.. (Ill tell you what Im wearing on my nex post!, I promess lol), but the issue here is not her Bachelorette party, no no, the problem is that she wants to make it like a sexy costume party. Well.. it sunds like fun right? but NOT FOR ME!, 3 days ago she sent me 2 pictures of 2 different costumes she saw on the internet and wants me to tell her which of them I think is the best for her.. ok.. no problem.. HELL YEAH!!! BIG PROBLEM!!, the costumes are too bitchy!! they are in the bottom of this post. OMG!! please please please please!! help me with this desicion.. too hard, she'll look like a trashy whore! in both of them.

Please Help!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hot chocolate for a new begining

Omg! what a week.. oh man, this week was full of amazing things. Im finally done with college and ready to move on in life. Remember they guy I talked to you about in my last post?, well not sure if I want him anymore. He's kind of a lazy ass and I believe I need someone who can keep up with me. Last night I had a very relaxing night just for me, myself and I; I had a lot of thoughts going on. Now that Im done with college I need to get a job or something.. I would love to learn another lenguage or to start a degree... Kinda love my carreer lol. Relationships? hum well.. not feeling them at the moment and that's the only thing that actually sucks. I want a man who knows what he wants in life and cares about me. "Hell yeah, this week Im gonna star learning french.." that's what I said to myself last night.. pretty good eh? and love.. love, love love, well see what happens.. you never know when you're gonna meet your prince charming.. just make sure he's the right one!!


Friday, February 5, 2010

Dreammy loverrrr

Ok.. so.. last week I had the BIGGEST TESTS EVER!, it was insane!, too hard for me.. TMTH!.. BUT, also this last week.. I believe I found the love of my life. Pretty fast eh?, Well, I gotta tell you. I was having luch at a restaurant with my girls and we were just having fun after all the studing.. and.. right there in front of our table.. there was a guy (a pretty handsome one).. and he stood up and came over me to talk to me!! I was like.. OMG..alright.. so.. the first thing he said was "Hey, I know you right?" and Im like.. hmm no.. I wish! lmao... so after a few minutes I realized he used to be my best friend from JUNIOR-HIGH!!.. hahaha like!! NO WAY!.

After we talked for 2 or 3 hours he said he used to have a crush on me, he loved me since then and he thinks he might still do.. So... obviously I was like.. "Yeahh well.. you're going too fast!" and then he was like ok.. well.. I gotta go now.. see you around.

Since then I rememorade all the things we used to do together and how special he was with me and stuff.. so the day after we met.. I called him and told him to meet me at my house so we could have a little chat just chillin'.. so he came here.. and WE ENDED UP KISSING!!.. oh man.. I know.. TOO FAST.. dont know what to do now.. but I feel butterflies and everything!.. is it love?-- help me out..


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Awesome Make Up Ideas!

Hello ya all!, so.. I'm gonna tell you something that always happens to me.. I wanna look stunning.. BUT! I'm never sure of what kind of make up should I put on. I love to look natural and at the same time I like when ppl can tell I have some make up on.

Alright, so.. always you have to find a solution to your problem and I found mine!! and I'm sure these make up products will help you with your make up dilemmas.

Knowing that is winter time, you wanna look with a grate sking foundation so.. I recomend to you a middle-ish tanning powder that you can see in the image; it is grate because you will look with a good skin complexion.

Ok, I know that during winter the skin tends to get really pale, so the best thing you can do is to put on a little bit of Maybelline Blush. It'll make you look sweet and healthy.

Now, if you have no idea of what kind of eye shadow you can use.. I can tell you that Maybelline eye shadows are awesome! they are like ever lasting.. love them!. For a cold weather I usually usea purple-ish tones that match perfectly with my light brown eyes and hair. You should give them a try this time.

Ok now, lips are a huge deal during winter time so you better take good care of them. I know you dont want them to look old and with wrinkles so.. I bet you there's nothing better than Lancome Juicy Tubes. I'm like in love with them. I know you may think.. "hmm Lancome?, too expensive" well.. I use them and I can tell you they are not too expensive, they are $16.00 each!. They come in 3 different colors, personally I recomend you to use the light rose pink because it goes really well with the shadows I talked to you about. You can take a look to the last picture of the post. They look really Juicy eh?.

To give an awesome final touch to your make up, what is better than XXL mascara!??.. Oh yeah!,, NOTHING!..I gotta say I'm loving Maybelline today lol, if you see the image of Adriana Lima down here, you'll see she's wearing the mascara I'm talking about. It is just wonderful, she looks sexy and easy with the winter make up.

Alright guys! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING!!, now that you know what kind of make up you can use, you better start!! and get it done!. I really hope you liked this post! and I hope it helped you a lot!. Love wonter make up, it is awesome as you. I would love if you could tell me what do you think about it!.

Love, Gossip

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Winter Outfit!

Alright, so, I hate when it is still winter and some ppl is already talking about spring and summer looks!. OMG!!, drives me crazy, so, I found on internet some grate options you can adjust to make and awesome winter look! (Well, yeah, it is January people!!!, is WINTER TIME!).
So I totally adore this yeallow coat which gives witer a little sun ray. I dont think that because it's winter you have to wear dark colors, nah!. You can alway wear this awesome skinny jeans which will make you look thin, they are better in a dark blue or even black.
To match this outfit and to keep you warmer, this boots are the best option for you to walk down the snow with elegance and glamour, gotta love them!.
Finally, I show you some options of some grate accessories that will give you a better look. The ring is just amazing, keeping the yellow tone with the owesome stone!, the purse is just lovely, is kind of a mix between yellow and beige, and, last but not least, the winter hat in beige color is grate for the snow.
If you are wondering how your make up
is gonna look like, relax!, I also have an option for you!. Keep it warm and simple, not too much, a light bluh, lip gloss, some tanning powder and mascara!, that's it!.
I hope you liked the post, and remember IS WINTER!!! and we have to anjoy it, you can always look good in any seasson!
Love, Gossip!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fashion Faceoff!!!!

Alright, so, as I told you, this year Im gonna post more often. Here is a really good fashion faceoff. I love these kind of posts!, lol, you might already know!

Ok, so Stephanie rocked this French Connection dress, and wow, I love her shoes!. Britney is fina, but, the girl from The Hills, wore it best.

Ok, so I totally love this Hervé Léger. I think in this case that Miley wore it better than Monica Cruz. Her body rocks the dress.Wow, these two.. look alike a lot!, the same haircut, same dress, same hair color, same earings!. Is hard.. Nicole wore it best.Rihanna might be rockin' this outfit, but she went too far.. hmm, Jenna Elfman looks better in it.This dress is designed by Victoria Beckham and is really pretty, very elegant, but, even though she's the designer... Blake wore it way better... Victoria looks toos skiny!

I hope you liked the post!, let me know who you think wore it best in this fashion battle!!.


Happy New Yearrrrr!

Hello guys! I know I haven't post in years, but, knowing that we start a new year.. I thought it was time for me to post a little something again. I hope this year is full of good things and new beautiful memories for all of you. I'll try to post a little bit more often... finally I'll be done with college. I know this year will be awesome!.