Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Who wore it best?? AGAIN! :)

Hallo ya all beautifuls,

So... as I did already in an older post, I asked you guys who wore it best!!!, I totally LOOOOOVEE! these kind of posts. Im gonna tell you my opinion n' my choices. Tell me who you think was the one who wore it best!.

Ok... so .. in the first battle, Eva Mendes wore this dress in January in Paris promoting her new movie. Jessica Alba chose to wear the same dress in Paris as well but for the Paris Fashion Week where she attended the Fendi fashion show. In my opinion, Eva wore it best. She looks way better and the dress is better to wear without tights. So.. Im sorry Jessica, Eva won!

I totally lovee Leona Lewis style. Definitely she's the winer here.. I love her sweet look.. she reflects innocence but she's also saying like.. "Im a star!!!"... Ashley looks stupid and pathetic.. omg and her pose is terrible. Leona! you wore it best! girl.

Hmmm.. this is kind of difficult. Jojo looks awesome.. and hey! Megan Fox is the sexiest woman on earth.. lol.. hmmm. I think I gotta say that Jojo wore it best.. even though I love the way it looked on Megan. You both looked awesome!, but... Jojo won..

Omg Hillary Duff.. hmm.. whyyy did you ware leggings??.. gay... Nicky Hilton totally wore it best! she looks awesome!!

Same pose, same dress.. I looove the dress!, it is really pretty. I like the way the dress looks on both. I don't like Lauren's hair do.. it sooo typical of her.. and I don't think it looks good with that dress. Khloe looks good.. I love the hair and the earrings. Omg.. LC looks really skinny.. and well.. Khloe looks pretty curvy. Hmmm Im not totally sure.. but I think Khloe wins.. Lauren doesn't fits the dress!!! come on!
Oh well oh well.. I loooooove!! the dress! totally.. lol. This is really hard.. I really like rihanna's tan... but I like the way it fits Paris. Omg so hard!.. I gotta say.. Paris wore it best.. BUT!... rihanna rocked it out too.
Ok guys, I hope you liked the post. Comment!! and tell me who wore it best!.. thanks for reading.
Love, Gossip

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Hey guyyys!

ok so last night my little cousin came for a sleepover! and I totally love her.. she's soo little and cuteeee!... she's like.. 5 years old and I always tell her she's a little baby. Anyway, I was talking to her while she was having her supper.. and all of the sudden she started to talk about some pinkalicious thing.. ok.. and I'm like.. what??. lol what's that? ok.. at first I thought it was something she create out of her mind hahaha so it was kind of funny. But then she said like.. "ohh I can't believe you don't know what is that!, that's such a girlie thing" hahahaha and I'm laughtin out of my mind!.

So.. obviously I was wondering what was she talking about!.. and yesterday I google it. Pinkalicious is like a book.. and it is also a musical and it is about a girl who can't stop eating pink cupcakes despite warnings from her parents. Her pink indulgence lands her at the doctor's office with Pinkititis, an affliction that turns her pink from head to toe - a dream come true for this pink loving enthusiast. But when her hue goes too far, only Pinkalicious can figure out a way to get out of this predicament.

It is soooo funny omg.. haha I didn't know about this girl called Pinkalicious who loves pink cupcakes, but, my little cousin did!

Anyway.. I'll buy that book for her just to keep her happy while she stays over my house! I love her.. she's soo funny.

Love, Gossip!