Friday, December 19, 2008

How to be shinning with a greate sun kiss!

  1. First, decide whether you have light skin or dark skin. Light skin will need a higher SPF sunscreen and dark skin that is not prone to burning needs a lower SPF.
    Don't sunbathe in the afternoon, as these are the hottest hours in the day, mostly 11am until 3pm.

  2. If you are going to be swimming or cooling off in a pool, make sure your sunscreen is waterproof, and reapply it every hour.

  3. Dark colors absorb sun so wear light coloured clothes which will reflect the light and keep you cooler. Also, wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. If you normally burn on your shoulders, try wearing a top with sleeves for the hottest part of the day.

  4. Don't lie in the sun for hours in a row. Every hour or half an hour, get up and cool off. If you are around a pool, jump in the pool to cool off and then go back to sunbathing. Make sure you re apply sunscreen after though!

  5. After you have been sunbathing, use after sun. It cools your skin down and hydrates it.
    If you do get sunburned, stay in the shade until it has healed. After you have got burned, have a cool bath and apply a cool compress to the burns to soothe them. Apply moisturizer or after sun and don't scratch the sun burn or it will make it worse.

  6. If you're young and burn very easy, on the first couple of days use a factor 50/40 so your skin can get use to the sun. Then when your getting use to it maybe go down to a factor 30 and no lower than 15.

  7. For medium to dark complexions use a tanning sun block(SPF 4),this will decrease your chance of burning, and give you a tan without the burn.


  • Put lotion on every day until the day you go tanning. It eliminates the oil on your skin and puts more layers on your skin. It is a lot easier to tan than to get sunburnt!
    Remember to keep turning over and spending equal time on each side or your tan won't be even.

  • If you are on holiday, start off with a high sunscreen and gradually get lower as your skin becomes used to the sun.
    You can still get burnt when the weather is overcast so always wear sunscreen.
    Wear a hat to stop your face from burning and to stop your hair from drying out in the sun.

  • If you just can't get a tan, using fake tan or getting a spray tan. If it is done properly it will look real and not streaky, but stay away from the really orange fake tan!
    Remember to stay hydrated in the sun by drinking lots of water.

  • If you want to get your face tanned too,instead of sunglasses put slices of cucumbers over your eyes so that they don't get burnt!!

  • If You are wearing a bikini make sure you undo the straps every now and again. Otherwise you will get funny lines that are not tanned.

  • If you get badly burnt, and your skin starts peeling, etc., Aloe Vera is excellent for that kind of thing. Gently rub it onto your burnt-spot and let it cool for a bit.

Well.. I hope you can get a beautiful sun kiss after this help I gave you. remember.. who wants a white fat ass??.. umm yeah.. let me guess.. a LOSER!.. i know.. you better get tanned!!!

Love, Gossip!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Eight days till Christmas!

Hey you guys!... it's almost Christmas and I'm so happy!.... the snow, the presents, the happy ppl, the music, the lights, the trees, the colors.. it is so wanderful!...

Heyy you better ask for lots of presents in Christmas.. umm what about make-up!, a perfume, fancy clothes, a bitchi dress, some good music, an I-touch, a tanning ticket, a flight to New York... I dunno.. there's too much things you can chose.

But... wait a minute!.. you want a Christmas tip!?.. I'm sure you do... listen here.. BE A SOFT BITCH.. not too mean.. but.. remember you are the best! and everybody wants to be lile you!... I know in Christmas ppl are nice.. but!! they are obviously waiting to see what are you gonna wear, what are you gonna say, what are you gonna do... you rock.. seriously... BE A ROCKSTAR.. you're asking how??.. well.. be a bitch but at the same time.. be nice..

Difficult eh?.. I know.. but at the end of the parties.. they'll always say "Omg!! did you see her?.. she's a star!!"

Come on!.. you can shine at Christmas too!

Love, Gossip

Saturday, December 13, 2008

They tried to make me go to rehab...

Sup!!.. yep.. finally our pretty Tira Reid checks into rehab! "Tara Reid has checked herself into Promises Treatment Center." The actress's rep Jack Ketsoyan tells. The rep would not reveal what Reid, 33, is being treated for.

A friend of the troubled actress says she headed to the treatment facility on Tuesday. "Her friends and family are supportive of her decision," says the friend. "She checked in herself – it was her decision."

Asked if she was ever tempted to fall back into old habits, the actress said: "No. I've done it. Trust me. I've done enough for a lifetime of everything. I've had a great time. I partied. I had fun. I ate and drank whatever. I dated a million guys, but I'm so happy with where I'm at right now. I don't need to do anything anymore."

Yes sweety I hope everything works out for you.. I know how it feels to check in so.. good lick girl!, love you.

Love, Gossip

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Brad & Angie double date!!... yeper!! with his parents!

Yep.. our pretty pretty Brangelina couple strolled the red carpet with two VIPs! at the L.A. premiere of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The extra guests were Brad's parents.. aren't they cute!!

They were all having fun and enjoing the night... "we had a blast", Pitt said

Ummmmm remember Brad's mom hated Angelina!?.. hahaha what a weird thought

Love, Gossip

I love to make him suffer

So you guys already know that my boyfriend and I broke up... and now he's like trying to come back.. Jeezeee!! so annoying!.

I lve to make him suffer.. he's like "we had a mature relationship, I love you, and you know it, you're kind of histeric sometimes.. but you're my life" lmao! yeah right you fat ass.. ohh myyy..

Anyway, i just wanted to tell you that.. haha.. check out my next post..


Monday, December 8, 2008

How to be the living S**T!

Hey there.. alright ppl!

I broke up with my boyfriend and now.. I'm sooooo cool...yup... you wanna be like me?.. I guess you do.. life is sooo awesome for me right now!.

So.. I totally decided to show you how to enjoy life and be the living sh*t!.. come on!! girls.. you deserve it!

Here are some tips:

  • Party like a f***ing rockstar till you lose control of yourself.

  • Look always always!!! like a movie star.. it means.. hair done, nails, make up, nice body size, etc.

  • Omg!! go tanning!!.. you don't wanna look like a death person

  • Hook up with all they guys you know.. and then denied it.

  • Dance like no one's watching. And don't dance old music. Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, soft Rock and Electronic are the best

  • Hey!! f*ck like a porn star!! come on!! have some fun!

  • Be always nice with old ppl.. yup.. weird.. but someday you'll be like them

  • Please!!! use anti age cream

  • Always act like if you were a celebrity.. yup.. just like me.

  • Be nice.. I mean.. you are a b*tch and you know it.. so you'll have some fun faking it.
  • Be yourself!!!!!!!!!!!= a mean girl <3

Love you guys!!, Gossip

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I hate him...

Altight guys.. here's the deal.. I hate to live in a city that has 8 million people and is small as crap. I hate my f***ing friends who are boring as s**t. I hate this word where ppl in Africa are all death. I hate when ppl are all stressed out. I hate my boyfriend!!!!!

OK.. I just got in a fight with my boyfriend and he's a loser, man!... so boringgggggggggggg!!!.... he never wants to go out... he's like.. "let's stay at home.. " that is soooo ridiculous.. I'm the nicests person with him,.. like I'm always in the mood.. you know..

I'm like.. breaking up with him.. but if I do.. it would hurt too much to continue living.. omg.. what the hell am I saying!!!..

I have a f***ing blog where i can totally write about him... Hell yeahhh!!! you are so gonna regret this s**t, you better watch out.

Love, ummmm...


Friday, December 5, 2008

Yup... I have more!

Lol, I'm such a good person, I had so much pics from the Speidi honeymoon, that I said to myself! "Heyyy you girl!!, you should totally post them and make some ppl laught a little bit more"... so here they are.. just relax, laught, be mean and enjoy!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The SPEIDI Honeymoon!

Hey you guys!! I know I didn't post yesterday but!! I have a huge and beautiful gossip.. or a big one.. as the size of Heidi's fake boobs!!.. yes..
Well.. listen.. as I already posted on November, Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt got merried right?..but here are some pics from their honeymoon!!... ohhh I love it!!! isn't that like a begining from a porno movie!!
Yep... the beautiful and romantic couple went to Mexico last week and look at those pretty pics they got!!
Aww you guys should totally give a look at the secong pic.. wow!! what an erotic moment!!.. well.. honeymoons are for that right?.. but.. jesuscrist! look at Heidi's face!.. ummm pretty funny or....?.
Well.. actually in the first and second pictures they look pretty in love.. yes.. a good thing they still "love each other" even thought Heidi's mom hates Spencer and wants him away from her daughter. Lmao! What would mommy think about these pics?
Heyyy! and by the way, the didn't just take pictures they got it on video!!! haha wow!!.. I totally would pay for watch it and laught for a while.
Well.. ppl, just relax and enjoy!... these pics would make your day... I hope you like them.. well.. i mean.. not like them like "I love theeeem!", but.. lol "They are ridiculous!"
Love, Gossip

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ok... that's gross!!

Hey guys, you're never gonna believe this pics!

Ok.. I totally love Beyonce and her new song "if i were a boy", but!, let me tell you something girl, if you're gonna go to a premier looking like this, you better watch out your image.

I know, I know, she looks good eh?, but what about the picture in the bottom ah?, a close caption. Yeppp guys, that's what i'm talking about!. Last night, our pop Diva showed at the NYC premier looking just like that!

Can you believe it!... no wayy.. she is totally a boy.. lol!
Girl! you totally have to watch out your image..


Monday, December 1, 2008

What a sexy body!!

Wow!! you guys, look at Hellen Mirren's body!!, no botox, no boob job, no sex tape and 63 year old!!! how come she's looking so good!!
This weekend she went to Hawaii and look how sexy she was!! omg she still rocked the hell out of the Baywatch look.. almost too good to be true, but, this time, it is!... unbelievable eh?
Yeahh... some of the plastics in Hollywood should totally look at this pic... "Natural Beautiful"
Heyy!! God did save the Queen!! lol!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Have you dated someone from another country??

Hii you all... so I was wondering if there's too much difference between you and someone from another country. My best friend is from UK and she's in a relationship with a german guy and believe me, they don't match at all.. it is funny because they both are from Europe...

Some of the celebrities couples are not from de same country. Salma Hayek is from Mexico and her husband is from France but they match perfectly... ummm what do they do?.. they even have a baby!.. lucky them?
Is there any secret for matching with someone?? or whaaaaat!!.. I wonder!
Have you ever been in a relationship with a boy or a girl from another country? did it work out?..
P.S. My friend says her boyfriend from Germany is too serious, studied and not funny at all.. kind of boring... even thought she's in love.. poor thing..
Is it true!?? Germans are boring??, post a comment with your opinion!

Almost like old times!

Heyyy, ok.. gossips are not always bad stuff, here's a good one!

Britt Britt is better than ever!! almost like in old times she looks awesome on the new cover of the issue of Glamour and it's not photoshop at all!

Some of the secrets of her interview in the article are about her "Crazy life"

You should totally buy it!


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Give me a brake!!

Lol this is sooo funny, ok.. you.. the one of the mean comment, please, give me a brake for god sakes, omg I can't believe your reaction.. and by the way.. everybody can see you blog!!.. haha you are funny though...

Anyway ppl... I think I'm not posting any gossip today because as you might see.. some reactions can be soooo dramatic! and some of you might freaked out! when I post some comments on your blogs.

Umm maybe nobody should post any comment on ppls blogs! don't you think dear??.. hahaha..


Friday, November 28, 2008

What happened!!!

A little bit confusing eh?? yup, our beautiful hollywood stars sometimes are just like us!!.. I mean.. like you lol.. i always have make up.. haha jk.. anyway.. if you were thinking you were too ugly.. umm guess what!! there will always be someone worst.. yes.. that doesn't make you pretty.
My tip? Ware make up!!! or anti age cream! please!! is for your good girl! or... do you wanna end looking like them?.. do you think spiderman would kiss Kristen Donuts looking like that?.. umm i doubt it.. and what about Tori! umm poor.. her babies are taking her beauty away.. and Vicktoria!! the fashion icon.. well.. she doesn't look that bad.. but.. if she's married to David, dont you think she needs to look a little bit better?
Love yourself and please never never never!!! go outside your house looking like this.. we'll be thankful
Love, Gossip!

Better Gossips man!!, bring them

Ok ppl.. some of you already know i've been telling you some gossips... but.. kind of boring eh?.. so.. i have 2 ideas

1. Vote for the celebrity you want to know about

2. Tell me some real real gossips about you or some of your friends (obviously ask for my e-mail address)

Wanna calle me your friend? i guess you do


Lindsay & Sam's Holiday Plans

Heyy ya all!, as you might know, Lindsay and Sam are getting really close to each other around this dates.. Christmas and New Year.

Well.. Lindsay really wants to get to know Sam's parents better, so, the couple is planning to take a holiday vacation with Sam's family to unwind.

"As long as everyone's together, it doesn't matter where they go," a pal of the couple says.

Hey, I was thinking what would Dina Lohan do!.. ummm well.. she might tell her other sons and daughter to go with them and have some fun too.. lol, can you imagine!, poor family!

Aweee! don't they look beautiful in this pic!, aww what a lovely kiss!, yes.. our mean girl is all grown up!

And by the way Linds, Sam has a twin brother, fellow DJ and music producer Mark Ronson and sister Charlotte Ronson, and her mother is British so I wish you good luck with your future family in law girl!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Heyyy ppl, happy thanksgiving!.. omg have you seen Heidi Montag's music videos?.. man.. they are so gone.. I mean, who would ever do a video filmed by Spencer Pratt!.
Look at Heidi!! she's so plastic.. she has so much plastic surgeries.. but anyway.. i was thinking about The Hills show.. and don't you think Lauren is kind of dum too?.. like.. she's nice and everything but.. kind of stupid.. and dont make me talk about Lo... omg.. i really dont like her. Audrina is the only one with a tille bit of comon sence.. but.. what about her sister! lol.
Well ppl.. here's the real gossip.. you know the pretty couple.. Spencer and Heidi are getting married right?.. well.. they say this time it is 100% real “We had a beautiful ceremony here at One & Only Palmilla officiated by a minister and photographed by the hotel photographer. We’ve never been happier" said Spencer. Heyyy! they already got married!..
Lmao! i hope this time spencer wont record any other video of any kind.. lol.. you know..