Monday, March 30, 2009

Just fine..

Hey ya all... supp.. hmmm I have been a little bit busy. Last week I went to a summer house with my high school friends which I love to death. So now.. it is weird.. Jordie and I haven't define yet if we're boyfriend and girlfriend. I am almost done with collage.. hmmm.. I love Lilly Allen's new song.. and I miss my old friends..

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Monday, March 9, 2009



  1. Switch off anything! Stick to a routine of shutting off as many electrical appliances as possible when you leave a room. If it will be at least 36 hours before you use it again, unplug it. Even when an appliance is off, it can still suck up juice.
  2. Turn off the water As Ellen Degeneres says, "Turn off the water while brushing your teeth." Why is the water running for so long? There is no point, is there? It is okay if you forget a few times, but if you forget a lot, put a little sticky note on the wall in front of the sink, with the reminder, "Turn off the faucet. Don't waste water!" This goes for shaving, washing dishes, and even taking a shower.
  3. Use rechargeable batteries Batteries not only take up landfill space (they can't be incinerated), they can leak acid into the Earth. Even then, only use the appliance when you must. If you have the choice, plug in the device instead of using batteries.
  4. Use only as much toilet paper as you need and don't use a mile of it for one little wiping. Be reasonable. Go easy on the paper towels, too.
  5. Avoid using plastic whenever you can; it is a poison of the earth (things like disposable plastic cups, plastic bags, nonsense plastic items you don't need).
    Use resealable, reusable containers instead of plastic wrap or plastic bags.
  6. Don't use pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals. Pesticides kill hundreds of birds and other animals per year. If you have unwanted weeds, pull or hoe them out yourself, clip them down, plant a ground cover in their place, or use mulch to control weeds and limit evaporation.
  7. Reuse glass bottles. Buy a glass bottle and use it for a long time! It will not rot or go bad like a plastic bottle will. You could decrease the amount of water bottles in the garbage dumps if you use 1 glass bottle instead of 30 plastic water bottles per week. Glass bottles are also healthy! Plastic is not. All different types of chemicals get released into your water from the plastic, and even more if you squeeze it!
  8. Plant a tree in your neighborhood or near your home; They suck up harmful CO2 gases. If you can't plant one, try potted plants.
  9. Recycle all you can. In many countries, recycling is taken seriously. They have one trash can for bags, one for glass, one for cans, one for boxes, one for plastic, one for paper, even one for decomposed food. Try disciplining yourself to recycling the necessities we use when done.
  10. Get skylights. These windows go on your ceiling to provide more light, reducing the electric light you use. Some types can even transfer sunlight into electricity.
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Saturday, March 7, 2009

A covergilr lover

Hey thereee, I looove Covergirl and here's one of my favortie products! you should totally try it. Awesome!

Pamper your lips with fresh, fruity flavor, a burst of shine and the smooth feel of a lip balm! Each pocket-sized tube of Wetslicks Fruit Spritzers has a conditioning formula, with botanical ingredients, helps improve lip condition over time and lock in moisture for hours.

It feels like a balm, lasting fruit flavored shine, looks in moisture for hours and is enchanced with botanical ingredients.


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Friday, March 6, 2009


Heyyy you all... ok.. this is weird.. Jordie called me last night and we got into this argue I dont even know why! it was random and stupid.. he was like.. life is not about flirting with guys.. and I was like.. wtf are you saying! what are you talking about.. like.. why are we talking about this.. but he just kept going on.. so.. I hunged up and he got pissed.

Sooo gay.. he's like a girl.... you know?.. WEIRDDD!.. anyway.. we are talking right now on msn and he's like.. so what upp.. tell me something.. talk to me..

I just dont get him.. but I still love him.. that was just an stupid argue.. I guess everybody argue!! sometimes.. is just normal.
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Thursday, March 5, 2009

A melancholic week

Hey guys, I've been in a melancholic mood this week... have you ever felt like a little ant trying to live in this huge world?.. yep.. it is like.. sundays at 6pm kind of feeling... sucks.

Life is good thought.. but sometimes I just wanna be alone and I dunno.. run away & cry.

I've been listening to melancholic music the whole week.. (The scientist by Coldplay, Fake plastic trees by Radiohead, You found me by The Fray....) and it works.. I don't mean I'm an emo lol.. NOT HAPPENING.. but.. there are times in life when you just need to feel depresed.. is part of your normal emotions.

I'm totally sure I'll go away.. but.. as a life rule.. ALWAYS LIVE THE MOMENT.. NO MATTER HOW GOOD OR BAD IT IS.. you have to know yourself and let your feelings come out.

Love, Gossip