Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The worst decision ever! + BACHELORETTE PARTY!

Alright, so in my last post I was so focus on myself that I forgot to tell you about my friend's Bachelorette party. Is unbelievable how time passes by.. she's only 23 and she's already gettin married!, but anyway.. she's happy and that's what matters the most. She's one of my closes friends and her party is going to be the next weekend after spring break (she's gettin married on april the 20th) too early!.. (Ill tell you what Im wearing on my nex post!, I promess lol), but the issue here is not her Bachelorette party, no no, the problem is that she wants to make it like a sexy costume party. Well.. it sunds like fun right? but NOT FOR ME!, 3 days ago she sent me 2 pictures of 2 different costumes she saw on the internet and wants me to tell her which of them I think is the best for her.. ok.. no problem.. HELL YEAH!!! BIG PROBLEM!!, the costumes are too bitchy!! they are in the bottom of this post. OMG!! please please please please!! help me with this desicion.. too hard, she'll look like a trashy whore! in both of them.

Please Help!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hot chocolate for a new begining

Omg! what a week.. oh man, this week was full of amazing things. Im finally done with college and ready to move on in life. Remember they guy I talked to you about in my last post?, well not sure if I want him anymore. He's kind of a lazy ass and I believe I need someone who can keep up with me. Last night I had a very relaxing night just for me, myself and I; I had a lot of thoughts going on. Now that Im done with college I need to get a job or something.. I would love to learn another lenguage or to start a degree... Kinda love my carreer lol. Relationships? hum well.. not feeling them at the moment and that's the only thing that actually sucks. I want a man who knows what he wants in life and cares about me. "Hell yeah, this week Im gonna star learning french.." that's what I said to myself last night.. pretty good eh? and love.. love, love love, well see what happens.. you never know when you're gonna meet your prince charming.. just make sure he's the right one!!