Friday, February 5, 2010

Dreammy loverrrr

Ok.. so.. last week I had the BIGGEST TESTS EVER!, it was insane!, too hard for me.. TMTH!.. BUT, also this last week.. I believe I found the love of my life. Pretty fast eh?, Well, I gotta tell you. I was having luch at a restaurant with my girls and we were just having fun after all the studing.. and.. right there in front of our table.. there was a guy (a pretty handsome one).. and he stood up and came over me to talk to me!! I was like.. OMG..alright.. so.. the first thing he said was "Hey, I know you right?" and Im like.. hmm no.. I wish! lmao... so after a few minutes I realized he used to be my best friend from JUNIOR-HIGH!!.. hahaha like!! NO WAY!.

After we talked for 2 or 3 hours he said he used to have a crush on me, he loved me since then and he thinks he might still do.. So... obviously I was like.. "Yeahh well.. you're going too fast!" and then he was like ok.. well.. I gotta go now.. see you around.

Since then I rememorade all the things we used to do together and how special he was with me and stuff.. so the day after we met.. I called him and told him to meet me at my house so we could have a little chat just chillin'.. so he came here.. and WE ENDED UP KISSING!!.. oh man.. I know.. TOO FAST.. dont know what to do now.. but I feel butterflies and everything!.. is it love?-- help me out..