Sunday, April 19, 2009


Hey thereee!.. ok so here's my story. On saturday morning some of my friends came over and we were in party mode, so we were like.. hey we should do a tea party and stuff. And.. even if it sounds gay.. we had a blast lol. We set up everything and we served the tea and stuff... but then Kate decided to add some vodka to the tea cups. We didnt know at first.. she did it sniky.. omg after we had a drink we were like.. wtf!! it tastes awesomeee!!.. but we didnt know there was alcohol in our tea cups. Everytime we wanted more and more.. lol.. not knowing that we were having alcohol since 11am!. At 3pm we were weasted.. we did know that we had alcohol after our looks in the mirrow so we decided to carry on!.. what else could we do?.. omg.. we countinued drinking till 6pm.. (not tea.. hard licor) and I don't remember what else happened after that.

The next day.. it means.. TODAY!.. I woke up and ok.. guess who was in my bed!!... yuper.. that's right.. JORDIE!!!!!!!.. and now.. I can't tell you more.

Love, Gossip

Friday, April 3, 2009

Sweet as chocolate

Heeeello ppl., ok this is beautiful and cute!... last night I was at home watching a movie just by myself and suddenly the bell rang.. so I answered the door.. and.... yeahhh!!!.. it was Jordie.. what makes this so special? He was with a hugeee! cute and delicious chocolate box.. omg.. it was soooo good! lol... so we spent the rest of the night together.. we had like a sleepover and the chocolates were awesome! lol.. omg the problem here is that we haven't solve our situation.. I mean.. are we together!!!??? uh hooo!! I need to know..

At least... I know.. he's sweet as chocolate!

Love, Gossip

Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's not over!

Heyyy ya all.. ok.. sometimes in life.. there are some moments when you can be feeling down.. but! it is not the end.. it could be worse.. just draw a smile on your face and face the problem in a positive way... why am I telling ya this? because.. I have lots of problems as you all do... but I know that.. if it doesn't kill me.. it'll make me stronger!.

Love, Gossip