Thursday, January 14, 2010

Awesome Make Up Ideas!

Hello ya all!, so.. I'm gonna tell you something that always happens to me.. I wanna look stunning.. BUT! I'm never sure of what kind of make up should I put on. I love to look natural and at the same time I like when ppl can tell I have some make up on.

Alright, so.. always you have to find a solution to your problem and I found mine!! and I'm sure these make up products will help you with your make up dilemmas.

Knowing that is winter time, you wanna look with a grate sking foundation so.. I recomend to you a middle-ish tanning powder that you can see in the image; it is grate because you will look with a good skin complexion.

Ok, I know that during winter the skin tends to get really pale, so the best thing you can do is to put on a little bit of Maybelline Blush. It'll make you look sweet and healthy.

Now, if you have no idea of what kind of eye shadow you can use.. I can tell you that Maybelline eye shadows are awesome! they are like ever lasting.. love them!. For a cold weather I usually usea purple-ish tones that match perfectly with my light brown eyes and hair. You should give them a try this time.

Ok now, lips are a huge deal during winter time so you better take good care of them. I know you dont want them to look old and with wrinkles so.. I bet you there's nothing better than Lancome Juicy Tubes. I'm like in love with them. I know you may think.. "hmm Lancome?, too expensive" well.. I use them and I can tell you they are not too expensive, they are $16.00 each!. They come in 3 different colors, personally I recomend you to use the light rose pink because it goes really well with the shadows I talked to you about. You can take a look to the last picture of the post. They look really Juicy eh?.

To give an awesome final touch to your make up, what is better than XXL mascara!??.. Oh yeah!,, NOTHING!..I gotta say I'm loving Maybelline today lol, if you see the image of Adriana Lima down here, you'll see she's wearing the mascara I'm talking about. It is just wonderful, she looks sexy and easy with the winter make up.

Alright guys! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING!!, now that you know what kind of make up you can use, you better start!! and get it done!. I really hope you liked this post! and I hope it helped you a lot!. Love wonter make up, it is awesome as you. I would love if you could tell me what do you think about it!.

Love, Gossip

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Winter Outfit!

Alright, so, I hate when it is still winter and some ppl is already talking about spring and summer looks!. OMG!!, drives me crazy, so, I found on internet some grate options you can adjust to make and awesome winter look! (Well, yeah, it is January people!!!, is WINTER TIME!).
So I totally adore this yeallow coat which gives witer a little sun ray. I dont think that because it's winter you have to wear dark colors, nah!. You can alway wear this awesome skinny jeans which will make you look thin, they are better in a dark blue or even black.
To match this outfit and to keep you warmer, this boots are the best option for you to walk down the snow with elegance and glamour, gotta love them!.
Finally, I show you some options of some grate accessories that will give you a better look. The ring is just amazing, keeping the yellow tone with the owesome stone!, the purse is just lovely, is kind of a mix between yellow and beige, and, last but not least, the winter hat in beige color is grate for the snow.
If you are wondering how your make up
is gonna look like, relax!, I also have an option for you!. Keep it warm and simple, not too much, a light bluh, lip gloss, some tanning powder and mascara!, that's it!.
I hope you liked the post, and remember IS WINTER!!! and we have to anjoy it, you can always look good in any seasson!
Love, Gossip!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fashion Faceoff!!!!

Alright, so, as I told you, this year Im gonna post more often. Here is a really good fashion faceoff. I love these kind of posts!, lol, you might already know!

Ok, so Stephanie rocked this French Connection dress, and wow, I love her shoes!. Britney is fina, but, the girl from The Hills, wore it best.

Ok, so I totally love this Hervé Léger. I think in this case that Miley wore it better than Monica Cruz. Her body rocks the dress.Wow, these two.. look alike a lot!, the same haircut, same dress, same hair color, same earings!. Is hard.. Nicole wore it best.Rihanna might be rockin' this outfit, but she went too far.. hmm, Jenna Elfman looks better in it.This dress is designed by Victoria Beckham and is really pretty, very elegant, but, even though she's the designer... Blake wore it way better... Victoria looks toos skiny!

I hope you liked the post!, let me know who you think wore it best in this fashion battle!!.


Happy New Yearrrrr!

Hello guys! I know I haven't post in years, but, knowing that we start a new year.. I thought it was time for me to post a little something again. I hope this year is full of good things and new beautiful memories for all of you. I'll try to post a little bit more often... finally I'll be done with college. I know this year will be awesome!.