Sunday, August 1, 2010

New ideas

Hello you guys, I love summer and summer ideas as well. I adore to change and to try new things everyday. New colours, new trends and new outfits ideas.

My friend Carl is dropping this huge party on a yacht, I know, big deal. I love him, he'a a very close friend and of course I wanna be the prettiest girl of the party lol.

Talking about changes and how much I love them, I saw this ideas of the same dress, one in red and the other one in pink. I like them a lot!, they are sexy, hot, girly and perfect for a luxury yacht partay.

Im not very sure about the colour I wanna wear, the party is in 2 weeks and I wanna be ready as soon as posible so nothing goes wrong. Im in love with this dress, it screams SEXYYYY out loud.

I would love it if you could help me choose the colour.!

Dont you just love them?


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TotallyPinkaholic said...

Hi! I wouldnpt wear any, too sexy for my classical style. I´m sure my color opcion is obvious here lol, I like the pink best. The only thing I really don´t like of the dress is the sleeves, I think it would be hot. But well if you like it:)